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Written By Gary Fletcher

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Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the overhauled Message user interface in pasUnity

Previously, messages were viewable as tree nodes on the navigation pane.  For mailboxes with lots of messages this was unwieldly.  And while there was color coding on the message nodes it was difficult to find messages quickly as you could not sort the message nor filter for them using keywords.

This release does nothing to change how messages are processed or stored but it makes it a LOT easier on the end-users to locate content and get critical info like status and history.

The new message management UI uses a split-pane design that lists the messages on the top and displays the contents on the bottom. 

The top table displays key information about the messages in the account whether they are still on a POP3 server or have been collected and stored in the database.  Color coding indicates processed, pending, and failure status. 
The lower pane displays the message itself.  This includes a viewer that lets you see all the headers on the message as well as a tab for each alternative view in the message (such as ASCII text or HTML) and if attachments are present there is a tab that allows you to view and export them.

For messages that are color coded to indicate that they have or are processing you can view job history and queue status as shown below:

The message detail pane is also accessible from all work activity views as well by clicking on the envelope icons.

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