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This Privacy Policy explains our policies concerning information which is obtained about you, your company and its business while registering on and using pasUNITY, Inc. (pasUNITY) web sites and products ("Site"). We will explain generally what information is gathered and how it is used. We will continue to refine this Privacy Policy and we may make changes in the future. You should review this Privacy Policy from time to time to learn of any changes. As discussed below, this policy does not cover the business practices of third party sites which you may be able to access through our Site. pasUNITY assumes no responsibility for actions or inactions of those third parties.

1. What information is collected?
In becoming and continuing as a pasUNITY customer, you provide us with various types of information, including the following:

2. How is your information used?
pasUNITY will not sell to others your individually sensitive and identifiable information, without your consent. The information we obtain from you or about you is used in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, the following:

3. Published, Disseminated and Project Information
While using our Site, you have the ability to publish, upload or disseminate information to third parties working with you on a project. The data, drawings and other information which you publish, upload or disseminate will be stored in the pasUNITY system and will be accessible to third parties who have access rights to that information even if you terminate your involvement on the project or cease being a pasUNITY product user. In addition, if you have been invited to join a project by another pasUNITY user, any data, drawings and other information which you input into the pasUNITY system may be viewed and accessed by any other pasUNITY user if the Administrator on the project provides that user with access rights to the information. That information will be available to pasUNITY users with access rights, whether or not you actively publish or disseminate the information and even if you terminate your involvement on the project or cease being a pasUNITY user.

4. Third parties accessible through Our Site?
You may be able to access or connect with third parties for usage of products and/or service on our Site. We are not responsible for your relationship with any third party accessed through our Site, nor how that third party collects or uses your information.

5. Any questions?
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or any other issue, please contact pasUNITY using the feedback form.

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