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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasUnity brings some product enhancements, new functionality, and documentation updates.

OAuth 2.0 Support for SMTP and POP

Accounts have been enhanced with the ability to use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate against mail servers running the SMTP4 and/or POP3 mailbox protocols.  This allows for an alternative to standard username and passwords that relies on authentication tokens assigned to specific applications.  These features may not seem too important to those who believe that a strong username and password is adequate but in the coming days standard username and password support will be removed from Exchange 365 POP3 and this will be your only alternative.  The product itself has been updated to allow for automated token management to ensure that tokens are renewed automatically as they expire.  Features have been fully tested against Microsoft Exchange 365 and Google Gmail.  See product documentation for detailed usage.

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2023-12-04 17:47:25
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