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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasUnity brings some product enhancements, new functionality, and documentation updates.

Recycle Bin Functionality Added

Recycle Bin functionality has been added to protect jobs and impellers from loss.  Under the hood there has been some massive changes to accommodate this functionality but the in user interface the only major difference you will see is a Recycle Bin node in the main navigation tree.  Clicking this will let you see every job and impeller that you have deleted that are eligible for recovery along with details about their previous location and implementation.

Job Enhancements

Job import/export/move capabilities have been greatly enhanced.  You can now use a UI to manipulate several objects at once to perform mass moves from one agent to another and even mass exports from one system to be imported into another discrete system.

PowerShell Job Step Enhancements

The PowerShell job step now enables a slew of new authentication and execution options.  Most significantly is the ability to define PowerShell variables prior to script execution and seed them with macro commands and parameter values.  Additionally, after the script has executed you can then store the values of PowerShell variables directly into job parameters for use further down in the job execution chain.  New authentication options allow use of certificates and alternate authentication methods and proxies.  This enables untold new use cases and we will post additional detail on this in the Integrations blog.

pasTransfer Integration Enhancements

Integrations with pasTransfer have been enhanced to allow the pasTransfer Execution service to return metadata about the execution operation including statistic information about the results.  This metadata can be saved directly to job parameters and accessed with the Parameter macro further down in the job execution chain.

Schedule Impeller Enhancements

The Schedule impeller now supports multiple repeat intervals on the Weekly and Monthly frequencies giving them the same abilities as the Daily frequency mode.  This enables new scenarios for mid-month and month-end closings where you may need more frequent scheduled executions that other times of the month.


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