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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasUnity brings some product enhancements, new job step types, new macro tokens, and documentation updates.

Product enhancements

Reports and summary grid views throughout the application that contain aggregate counts now support a larger datatype for large scale environments.

Job Steps

The is now a Wait File job step.  This job step can be used to delay processing execution of a job until a specific lock state has occurred for a file within a given timeout period.  This is useful to ensure that subsequent job steps will be able to get read locks on file before processing them or write locks on files before deleting or moving, etc.

Forward Message and Save Attachment job steps now have direct access to about a dozen new Message impeller scoped tokens.  While these new tokens can be stored in parameters from the impeller they can also be directly accessed on these job steps as long as the job was invoked by a Message impeller.


The Message impeller now generates synthetic headers that let you easily write rules against from email addresses and attachment count/names.  These synthetic headers are only for rule writing and are not available during job execution as they are not actually contained on the message.

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