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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasUnity brings some product enhancements and documentation updates.

Product enhancements

The Job Designer has undergone major changes.  The underlying database structure has changed such that individual job steps are now stored as a part of the job and not as discrete objects enabling a completely new feature set but also necessitating some changed to the familiar user interface.

Job designer UI layout changes:  Job steps are no longer represented by icons in the universal navigation pane on the left side of the user interface but rather in a separate hierarchy displayed in the job editor on a Designer tab in the job editor.  This is designed to mentally enforce that job steps are now part of the job definition.  Additionally, new toolbars have been added to the user interface at the top of the job editor and also within the designer tab to provide context-specific action buttons with icons and descriptive tooltips.  Note that the impellers are still discrete items that appear in the left-most navigation pane.  They are the criteria that activate jobs and supply additional detail to those jobs - they are not an actual part of the job.

Job editing and testing changes: a new checkout/checkin/rollback system so that authors can check out a job and test changes in a safe way through the user interface that prevents active work executed by other users manually or by the processor agent itself from using the checked out job definition.  Additionally, it prevents other authors from making changes to the job as long as the checked out user has the job checked out.  Authors can still make quick changes to jobs by just pressing the save button instead of checking a job out first but this does not give you the opportunity to test the changes in a sandbox nor does it block other authors from modifying the job.  Impellers are not affected by the checkin/checkout/rollback system.

Job integrity and disaster recovery changes: Automatic backups are created when a job is saved and those changes can be observed and in extreme cases you can restore any old version of the job.  This works with the checkout/checkin/rollback system too such that you can checkout a job and then rollback a previous version into the checkout space for testing before committing the changes.  Impellers are not affected by the backup and restore system.

Schedule impellers have been changes to allow for Weekly mode to have the same capability as the Daily mode.  This means that repeat intervals can be added to Weekly schedules and as such they now have the same capabilities as Daily but can more effective exclude weekend days as a part of a maintenance schedule.

Additionally, hundreds of small performance and convenience changes have been made under the hood to provide a better end-user experience.

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