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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasUnity brings some product enhancements as well product enhancements.

Changes to prerequisites

For compatibility with .NET Standard 2.0 the minimum installation prerequisites now include the .NET Framework version 4.7.1 or higher.  This ensures that the required support to automate components built on .NET Core and .NET Standard 2.0 are present on your machine without the use of shim assemblies.  It also significantly opens up your ability to use a wider range of 3rd party components and C# 8.0 language features in Managed Code.

Product enhancements

Impeller usage statistics are now broken out from job history to allow for more detailed analysis of job execution.

Improved performance in the navigation tree view.  Nodes now sort more intelligently and new nodes are injected where they belong alphabetically instead of at the end and renamed nodes move instantly to where they belong alphabetically.

All summary grids now include additional columns with enhancements to the Go To Definition functionality to make navigation easier.

When passing options in the pasTransfer ETL job any option containing the word password will be suppressed from auditing without having to explicitly request suppression.  This is designed as a mechanism to prevent accidental exposure of credentials in job logs.

Improved handling for attachment names for email messages with excessively long names now allows you to access the actual original filename instead of a truncated name.

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