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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release contains performance improvements and significant new functionality.

Tabbed UI

pasUNITY now has a new tabbed UI that allows you to have multiple objects editors and view opened simultaneously.  While holding the Control key and clicking an item in the navigation tree a new tab will appear containing the relevant object editor/viewer.  This allows you to easily switch back and forth when needing to reference multiple items.

Go To Definition

Most data grids that show detail or summary information now have a  button that when clicked will immediately jump you to the relevant object in the navigation tree.  You will find this feature on the work queue, report results, and pretty much every last spot in the product where there is a data grid.  Holding down the Control key before pressing will open a new tab and navigate you to the object in the new tab so you can retain your location in the original data grid.

SQL Script Job Step Query Parameters

The SQL Script Job Step now allows you to pass the results of macro expressions as query parameters into your script and receive output query parameter values into pasUnity parameters.  In the event that your script contains multiple batches your parameter

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