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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release introduces new options for the DropBox impeller and contains enhancements to existing functionality.

The DropBox impeller now has an option when when specifying activation criteria for multiple files to ensure that all files have the same Tag value.  This new functionality multi-file activation criteria to enqueue multiple workloads in a given day that match the same general criteria.  To use this functionality check the Common Tag checkbox on a DropBox impeller that matches multiple files using either Match All, Match All in Same Row, or Match All in Same Column criteria.  No additional tag filters are required but if entered they can be used to further narrow the criteria. 

Additional changes have been made to the user interface to prevent loss of data if a user navigates away from an edit in progress without first saving.  The behavior is that they will be prompted to optionally save their changes.


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2023-12-04 16:58:48
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