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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release changes the way impellers are submitted.  Previously any work that was queued up would begin executing immediately assuming that the impeller, job, and agent to which it belonged were all enabled.  In this latest release there is a new option on impellers called Submit Work on Hold and when checked it makes sure that work is added to the queue but does not execute until someone manually takes the work off hold either in the pasUnity UI under Work or via pasPortal by choosing to Process a Data File that has a blue background in the matrix.

We have survived for years without this feature but that is only because the use-cases that need it did not surface until recently.  So why would you want a feature like this? 
  • It can assist in testing in that you can either manually execute work or give yourself time to get setup with profiling tools, etc. before letting a workload run. 
  • It allows work to accumulate in a matrix until such time as end-users decide to allow it to run based on external or manual criteria.
  • It allows end-users to queue up remote impellers from the pasPortal that may user-supplied parameter values contain logic that needs to be vetted by an admin prior to execution.
You know you have encountered work submitted on hold when you see a blue background in the pasPortal or pasUnity UI in state-sensitive dialog. 

For example a file in a matrix will appear like this:

And a remote impeller awaiting manual approval would appear like this:

In both scenarios if there is work that is either failed or currently processing the color coding will default red or yellow respectively instead of blue.

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