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UPDATE: Last modified on 4/6/2017 2:37:15 PM

pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release adds a new Resolve macro command and allows the Data File Processing Wizard to filter on trace messages for failed jobs.

The Resolve macro resolves the output of another macro command.  Macro commands may be nested and when they are the nested macros resolve and pass their value up through the call stack until they are ultimately emitted by the topmost macro in the call stack.  The value that is emitted is a string value that can typically does not get further resolved.  The resolve macro ensures that the results of a macro expression are not just emitted as a string value but are themselves resolved again in the event the the macro expression contained or constructed a new macro expression.

One potential use of this macro is pairing it with the new Credential feature and the Reveal macro.  For instance, perhaps you want to use the Credential feature for auditing of sensitive credential information but you still do not want anyone peeking at the passwords.  So for this instead of entering a password into your Credential item you enter a Reveal macro expression to encrypte the password.  At run time the Credential macro would not actually yield the password though - instead the Reveal macro would be emitted.  After all, you never know what someone's password was - it may actually contain a string that looked like macro code.  To solve this problem you wrap the macro expression in a Resolve macro and the results of the macro expression are in resolved.

So basically, the Resolve macro lets you cobble code together on the fly and then ensure it gets executed at runtime.

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