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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUnity RTM is now generally available.

This release features a brand-new credential management and auditing system, an all-new work processing wizard, and an overhaul to the way messages are handled in the UI.

The Credential Manager allows you to centrally created, edit, view, and audit the use of credentials (or any type of sensitive information for that matter) without having to hard-code it into jobs are depend on the Conceal and Reveal feature to hide the values.  The addition of a new <Credential> macro lets you easily and programatically access credentials from within jobs.

The new work processing wizard allows for mass-operations to be applied to work in the queue at any level including deletion of work or toggling the hold flags.  It allows you specify criteria to filter down the scope of the mass operations.  You never know when you may want to toggle the hold flag on 500 pieces that failed in a given period of time and quickly retry them.  Now you can do it 1 click instead of 500.

The message management UI was completely overhauled in this release.  The redesign makes viewing messages easy and makes finding job history and work in the queue related to a given message a snap.  Additionally, you can manipulate message directly on POP3 servers now, easily reprocess messages, and use the new type-down filtering UI to quickly find messages.

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