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This release was all about widening support for FTP capabilities (including FTP, SFTP, and FTPS)
  • FTP job step massively overhauled.
    • Wildcard support using * and ? characters
    • Directory listing retrieval capability added
      • New browser lets you explore the remote file system.
    • SFTP functionality added using SSH for FTP
      • Auto downloads and accepts certificates
      • Can be used to replace PUTTY and other tools previously used in scripting job steps
    • Support for MGET and MPUT to transfer multiple files in a single operation
    • Ability to auto-delete files after successful transfer added.
  • FTP Server massively overhauled
    • Previously unfinished features have been implemented
    • Support for UTF-8 file names is added.

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2021-10-21 15:00:20
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