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Written By Gary Fletcher

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This update of pasUnity includes stability enhancements and some new features.

Work folders are an exciting new feature which allows jobs to create a temporary folder when the job starts execution for storage of temporary files and regardless of whether the job succeeds or fails the work folders can be configured for automatic deletion.  This keeps the disk clean and helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Remote impellers now support parameters which can be hidden from the pasPortal Remote Execution module so that the designer can store sensitive information or items that should not be overridden by end-users.

Enhancements were made to the POP3 message parsing system to be able to handle (as best as is possible) the collection of messages that to not adhere to the POP3 RFC2111 which states that Content-ID is delimited by angle brackets but sometimes a message comes through with more than one leading or trailing angle bracket or a number of open angle brackets that does not equal the number of close angle brackets so to avoid errors we trim all angle brackets from the beginning and end of the value appropriately.

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