pasUNITY Enterprise Suite support for SQL Server 2017

Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUNITY Enterprise Suite statement of support for SQL Server 2017

With the release this week of SQL Server 2017 the entire line of pasUNITY products that runs on SQL Server is now certified for SQL Server 2017.

The following products directly make use of SQL Server databases are are hereby certified:
  • pasUnity automation
  • pasTransfer ETL
  • pasGuard credential tracking
  • pasProtect licensing
We are able to make this statement of support so quickly because we closely monitor the develop of Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, and Excel products and test our products against the early previews and release candidates as they are made available to ensure that we are ready for the final releases of those products well in advance of their actual release date.  Microsoft does a fair job about forecasting breaking changes to the SQL Server product line years in advance to give developers time to get their products ready.  We pay attention to that information and as such our products have been ready for quite some time.

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2023-12-06 12:49:32
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