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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer brings some product enhancements as well as new and updated connection types and expanded help content with additional per-connection enhancements.

Product enhancements

Command line syntax has been added that can be used to automate the export of all configuration data to an XML file.  Ideal for use with pasUnity jobs that perform regular backups of the configuration in a clean XML format that can be easily used by comparison tools to see what has changed and assist in disaster recovery.

The XPath macro commands have been enhanced with line and position number detail in the output of error messages to assist in troubleshooting.

All web service calls to external web services have been enhanced with addtional header value tuning and logging capabilities.  See connection-specific help topics for more detail.

User interfaces have been enhanced with a refreshed menu system.

The TextRow macro command has been enhanced with a GroupRow value that returns the row contents of the line of data that originated a group for access within macro expressions applicable to subsequent rows in the group.

Connection enhancements

The SunSystems connections have been enhanced to address changes in the return values for all supported version of SunSystems after changes made in recent patchsets to ensure that payloads that fail to post to SSC do not appear to have succeeded in pasTransfer/pasUnity and will report additional failure detail.  Additionally, SSC source connections are filtered to only allow execution of web service methods that support the Query method ensuring that all source connections are purely read only.

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