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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer brings some product enhancements as well as new and updated connection types and expanded help content with additional per-connection enhancements.

Product enhancements

Execution service can now return metadata containing execution statistic and custom connection-specific details.  This can be useful when the caller wants to audit the impact of an integration.  Additionally, some connections can communicate additional details (such as password and token changes) to the caller.  See the pasUnity production documentation for usage instructions.

Connection additions

The following connection are new in this release:

  • Account (Source): SunSystems Connect Query
  • General (Source): Coupa Inventory Transactions
  • General (Source): Health Level Seven (HL7) Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT)
  • General (Source): Oracle Hospitality Integrations Platorm (OHIP) Reservations
  • General (Source): SunSystems Connect Query
  • General (Destination): Genpact Cora APFlow Payment Document (PYD)
  • General (Destination): Genpact Cora APFlow Posting Status
  • General (Destination): Genpact Cora APFlow GRN
  • General (Destination): Intacct Object Web Service
  • General (Destination): SunSystems Connect Addresses
  • General (Destination): SunSystems Connect Customers
  • Ledger (Source): PayChex Employee Time
  • Ledger (Source): QuickBooks Custom Transaction Detail File
  • Ledger (Source): SunSystems Connect Query
  • Ledger (Destination): Genpact Cora APFlow Payment Run (PYR)
  • Ledger (Destination): Genpact Corra AP Flow Purchase Order
  • Ledger (Destination): Genpact Corra AP Flow Invoice Payment
  • Vendor (Source): SunSystems Connect Query
  • Vendor (Destination): SunSystems Connect Query

Connection removals

The Ledger (Source) SQL Server (Legacy) connection has been removed as all functionality previously contained has been migrated to the newer and more advanced Ledger (Source) SQL Server connection.

Connection enhancements

The following pre-existing connections or connection families have been enhanced in this release:

  • SunSystems Connect (SSC) connections have been enhanced with improve exception message consolidation and readability improvements.  The SSC Context Parameters also now features macro resolution.  Query Filter syntax has been expanded.  Some connections also support analysis fields and conditional exclusion of elements.
  • Dynamics GP connections can suppress and audit web service expection and additional fields have been added to most connections
  • Coupa source connection have been enhanced with XPATH querying and filtering abilities and additional lookup value features
  • STR report connections are enhanced to support new formats and documents that do not contain a table of contents.
  • WorkFront source connection have been enhanced with XPATH querying and filtering abilities
  • HSBC iFILE Payment connections have new filtering options
  • PAIN files support additional fields and elements including Control Sum, Regulatory Reporting, and Authorisation

Additional minor updates have been made to SalesForce, Dynamics GP, Cora APFlow, Coupa, and Workfront connections.  See product documentation for details.

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