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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer brings some product enhancements as well as new and updated connection types and expanded help content with additional per-connection enhancements.

Product enhancements

Macro commands that are documented to take 1..N sets of parameters can take over two million parameters.

Connection enhancements

XML Universal connections (source and destination in all wizards) have been updated.  The most significant changes are in the source connections which have been dramatically improved to allow for import of multiple simultaneous files with XML schema inference improvements that allow for generation of schemas based on contents with types in multiple namespaces.  Inferred schemas can be hand edited prior to import.  The visual designer allows for more complex XPath selection criteria and generic attribute generation and extraction.  See product documentation for additional details.

New connections have been added for Health Level 7 (HL7) and PAIN (payment indication message) file formats

Multiple minor updates have been made to PayChex, Dynamics GP, Cora APFlow, Coupa, and Workfront connections.  See product documentation for details.

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