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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer brings some product enhancements as well as new and updated connection types.

Product enhancements

Each source and destination connection now has unique help documents that can be activated by pressing the new ? icons on the toolbar - the blue ? is for the source and the gold ? is the destination.

Connection enhancements

All of the Native XML destination connections now have a feature that allows for them to export their data directly to SQL Server during export.  Additionally, they all have an enhanced UI that allows you to extend, override, or suppress the attributes being exported.  Details are found in the documentation.

Many new connections have been added to the product that support Cora APFlowQuickBooks OnlineIntacct, Workfront, Adaco, SynXis, HSBC, and Coupa.  Details are found in the documentation.

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2023-12-04 18:26:51
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