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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer adds new connection types, improvements for existing connections, and a major overhaul to the designer system.

Wizard Toolbar and Designer Mode enhancements

The wizards now have a toolbar that gives you more control over the design process and allows you to make changes to integrations without executing them and provides easy access to the designers and help system.

The toolbar enabled one-click access and provides context-sensitive information to the help system and the various designers (macro, regular expression, and query).  Addtionally, there is a toggle that when activated will allow you to configure the integration without actually executing the steps when Next is clicked.  When active the designer toolbar will have a purple background as shown above.  As if that were not enough we also access to an Options dialog that allows you to simulate input on the command line or as provided via web service calls.  After a certain point in the wizard options to review the imported data, view mapped data in Excel, and change the audit detail level will enable themselves.

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