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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release of pasTransfer introduces two major new feature additions.

The first feature is a change to the mapping system to add an additional method of matching that uses Regular Expressions.  Previously, the mapping module had a checkbox for Allow Wildcards which would allow you to use basic wildcards consisting of set notation, single character variance, and multiple character variance.  We have done away with the Allow Wildcards option entirely and added a new Mapping Comparison Type with the values Exact Match (equivalent to previously leaving Allow Wildcards unchecked), Wildcards (equivalent to having checked Allow Wildcards), and Regular Expressions which allows the most powerful matching experience possible.  Regular Expressions far exceed the simple pattern matching of wildcards and open up an endless range of possibilities in mapping.  When a wildcard looks in the mirror they say to themselves "when I grow up I want to be a regular expression - those guys are so powerful and cool!"  We encourage you to read the documentation for more about regular expressions and even search the web for some awesome examples of how this expressive language can be used.  The pasPortal Silverlight Mapping Editor has also been updated with regular expression support.

The second feature is the edition of a powerful Query Designer that works against any SQL Server, OLEDB, or ODBC enabled database.  From anywhere in pasTransfer you can hit F4 to open up the interactive query designer which can be used to explore data sources, generate scripts, test queries, test "what if" scenarios using transactional support, view XML, export data, and much, much more!  This tool embodies the functionality that is commonly found in the management and development tools that ship with enterprise relational database management systems.  The difference between this tool and others though is that the pasTransfer integrated tools work with all database products in a consistent manner unlike vendor tools which only work with their own tools.  Additionally, our tools expose tons of metadata that help you explore database products that most products hide.  Give it a try - we bet you will love it.


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