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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This is a significant release of pasTransfer and adds tons of new features to the product and establishes parity on some existing features across the wizards.

All wizards now have the same Universal Sources and Universal Destinations.  This means that all wizards now have Excel Spreadsheet, Text File, XML File, SQL Server, OLEDB Database, ODBC Database, and pasTransfer Native XML source and destination connections capable of interfacing with thousands of different products and data repositories.  Universal connections are priced individually or as part of the Universal Connection Pack add-on option.

All wizards now have the same Universal Mapping and Lookup Providers.  This means that all wizards now have Auto Balance, pasPortal, Excel Spreadsheet, and the new Database Query mapping providers.  The Database Query mapping provider allows you to use a table, stored procedure, view, or dynamic SQL statement as the source of your mapping and lookup data in any product that can be access with an OLEDB provider or ODBC driver.  Additionally, the UI has a built-in editor that lets you maintain the mappings in most products (as long as the datasource supports editing and your user account has appropriate permissions).  All mapping providers are available for all wizards automatically at no additional cost.

All wizards now have the Summarizer feature previously available only on the Ledger wizard that allows users to aggregate and apply transformations to source data prior to destination mapping.  Full details on how to use this feature are available in the online help.

New Macro commands have been added to the product to make you more productive than ever.  The IsNumeric, IsWhitespace, IndexOf, and Stuff functions allow you test and manipulate string values like never before.

New Audit features allow for the auditing of non-security related connection-specific attributes.  When generating an audit file and selecting Full as the detail level several new attributes may appear in your audit files not previously available.  You may wish to use the Full option sparingly to keep the size of your audit files more manageable. The newly audited items will not show up when Basic is selected as the audit level.

New and enhanced connections are now available for several popular accounting systems.  This list includes Intacct, Magento, Coupa, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics AX products just to name a few.

Watch the pasUNITY Integrations blog for in-depth discussion and training on these new features in the coming days and weeks.

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