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UPDATE: Last modified on 4/6/2017 3:07:07 PM

pasTransfer RTM is now generally available.

This release adds a new general attributes collection to all connections and a new Connection macro for accessing those values.  What does this mean?  Often times when parsing data from the source there is an attribute of data that would apply to all rows in the source such as a transaction date or company code.  Rather than write that attribute to each and every source line extracted we can associate it with the connection itself one time.  As a benefit the memory and space consumed during the extract is reduced AND synthetic entries such as offset and MCR entries can now access these global values using the Connection macro.  The syntax is [Connection|Type|Attribute] and an example would be [Connection|Source|CompanyName] which at runtime returns the company name if present or an empty string.  Additionally, we have now added an OnExport event to source connections that immediately follows a successful OnExport by the destination.  This mean that the destination has an opportunity to collect a value (say JournalNumber) that would then be immediately available to the source connection in order to update the source repository to indicate the transaction number when a source row had been successfully extracted using syntax like [Connection|Destination|JournalNumber].  Pretty cool right?  Expect to see us implementing this feature heavily in new connections and having legacy destination connections start exposing journal numbers, etc. for use in future integrations.

This release also adds an improved macro designer.  Instead of just seeing the names of each unique macro command you now see all permutations and common usages of that macro along with detailed parameter help.

The example below show parsing of a filename that includes macros and visually indicates where proper application of escape characters and other special characters have been used.

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