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Written By Gary Fletcher

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UPDATE: Last modified on 1/17/2018 12:59:06 PM

The pasTransfer Mappings module in pasPortal has undergone a complete HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript redesign.

Why are you doing this?

Previously, pasPortal users could use the pasTransfer Mappings module to launch an editor built in Microsoft Silverlight that ran as a client application in the Internet Explorer browser to give users an Excel-like user interface to design and maintain mapping sheets used in integrations by the pasTransfer application.  While the user base really seemed to like the editor it unfortunately only worked in Internet Explorer.  Today, Internet Explorer is on a rapid decline being replaced by modern HTML5 capable browsers like Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 and Google Chrome pretty much everywhere.  We want to ensure that the widest possible audience is able to use the pasTransfer Mappings designer so we rebuilt it to run in modern HTML5 browsers. 

Will it work for me?

The end result is a very nice and easy use editor that even has some features that did not exist in the Silverlight editor but it does come at a cost: you must be using a modern HTML5 capable web browser (we recommend Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome) and if you are working on very large mapping sheets you may need significantly more memory than before.

How is it different from the old version?

While it has all the same functionality as before it has been redesigned to make better use of your screen.  Instead of cramming all data on the screen at once we now provide between 1 and 3 tabs for processing defaults, mapping data, and mapping omissions (depending on the type of mapping you are looking at) and each data set gets maximum use of your screen so that you have less horizontal scrolling.  (See below)

Are there any new features?

Several new usability enhancements have been added as well as graphical cues to help you along.
  • You do not have to wait until you save to see if you have errors.  Most of the errors can be detected on the client and the rows in question will display a red background and an exclamation point that if you hover over it will show you a detailed description of the problem (as shown above). 
  • The toolbar is context sensitive and will selectively enable and disable button options based on the type of mapping you are working on and the state of the mapping data.
  • Columns can now be sorted.  To sort click the column header or the arrow next to it to toggle the sort direction of the column. 
  • Columns allow you to type in a quick filter value and perform what is known as a "type-down filter" which applies the filter in real time as you type.  This is very handy for locating a value or macro command.   
  • To speed your mapping design we have added row cloning features so that you do not have to spend time tediously copying formulas and macro expressions from row to row.
  • Navigation has been improved to allow easy use combinations of arrow keys to move up and down between rows and Tab/Shift+Tab to move back and forth between columns for those that like to keep their fingers on the keyboard.

This is great but what I really want is to manipulate the data in Excel...

While we feel that the majority of our users should easily be able to get by in the web browser, we do have an Excel-based AddIn called pasFusion that may be of interest to those customers that manage significantly large and complex mapping sheets and want to be able to work offline.  It basically allows you to download mapping data to your local machine and work with and then ultimately upload back to the pasPortal again when finished.  If this describes you feel free to reach out to your support contact and inquire for more details.

So where do we go from here?

The new pasTransfer Mapping Designer is now live but and we will continue to support the legacy Silverlight editor for a couple more month to give users a chance to transition to the new editor.  We are anxious to get your feedback on the new editor so please feel free to click on the feedback button at the top of the screen and let us know what you think!

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