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Written By Gary Fletcher

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The pasPortal has been updated with some new features and enhancements to existing functionality.

Browser compatibility and scripting performance improvements

As previously announced: Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported effective 1-Jan-2021.  Internal testing is done on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and we strongly recommend one of those browsers or another full HTML5 browser.  We have taken the additional step of blocking certain functionality (i.e. Matrix, Checklist, and Mapping) if you are still using Internet Explorer.

Product enhancements

pasTransfer Mappings editor module has been completely overhauled to support advanced HTML5 features found only in modern browsers (like Edge and Chrome).  As a result it is much more responsive, has enhanced filtering, supports massive mapping sheets, and sports a more vibrant and intuitive user interface.  If you are using Internet Explorer this module will not render for you.

Checklist and Checklist Manager modules have been redesigned from the ground up with a significantly improved and more intuitive UI for creating and editing Check Trees, reports with auditing features built in to determine when and who checked a task and if they did so on time, and safety enhancements to prevent accidentally unchecking completed tasks.

Reporting enhancements include new reports for Dashboard Admins and Site Administrators and this includes expanded detail in account audits as well as easy export to Excel and being able to render reports directly to Excel without first displaying the results in the UI.

Anything else in this pasPortal release? There are always several under-the-hood changes to tighten security.  We also incorporate changes to support pasUNITY Enterprise Suite client applications and services (like pasUnity, pasTransfer, and pasFusion) but for the most part those changes are detailed in the release notes for those particular products.  You can also count on minor updates to styling and script performance as we are always updating our compiler platform and the scripting libraries and frameworks the pasPortal is built on.

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