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Written By Gary Fletcher

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The pasPortal has been updated with some new features and enhancements to existing functionality.

Browser compatibility and scripting performance improvements

Scripting improvements have been made that support the latest HTML5 browsers.  Internal testing is done on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.  We recommend these browsers.  Internet Explorer 11 is still supported for basic functionality but new features going forward will not necessarily support Internet Explorer.  If you have not made the switch away from Internet Explorer do it soon - we will not be supporting it effective 1-Jan-2021.

Product enhancements

The brand-new Dashboard Security Manager module allows dashboard administrators to manage role security in the portal using the same type of UI that the Active Directory Management module uses for Windows groups.

pasUnity Matrix and pasUnity Remote Impeller modules now have significantly augmented exception handling that presents more specific error messages to help users overcome common problems. 

pasUnity Matrix modules have undergone some styling improvements and it is now possible to sort columns and rows

Accounts that have not been provisioned with passwords are now auto-provisioned so that single-sign-on (SSO) users can work with matrixes immediately upon first logon. 

Active Directory user management has been streamlined to make many operations slightly easier and faster and provide more detailed information in the UI and exported reports.

Billing module reports now tell you exactly which users were added/deleted in a given billing period.

The pasExpense application has been retired and all functionality from that application is now available via the Expense Dictionary modules in the pasPortal.

Anything else in this pasPortal release?

There are always several under-the-hood changes to tighten security.  We also incorporate changes to support pasUNITY Enterprise Suite client applications and services (like pasUnity, pasTransfer, and pasFusion) but for the most part those changes are detailed in the release notes for those particular products.  You can also count on minor updates to styling and script performance as we are always updating our compiler platform and the scripting libraries and frameworks the pasPortal is built on.

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