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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasControl RTM is now generally available.

This release adds new several usability enhancements.

Several nodes in the navigation tree now display summary grids that detail usage and configuration information.  The Accounts and Hosts nodes display item details and usage counts.  The various Folder nodes will display connection details including account, host, and RD gateway details.  The top level Remote Desktops node displays connection details for all connections and individual folder nodes display connection details for only those connections directly in that folder.

The connection editor now features a drop-down list of known RD gateway host names as defined and used elsewhere in the system to keep you from having remember long names or copy and paste names from other connections.

Finally, for users on domain-joined computers, the Hosts node now features a new "Remove Legacy Active Directory Host..." menu option that allows you to detect if you have hosts configured that no longer exist in the active directory domain and automatically remove them from your configuration.

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2024-06-12 21:30:13
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