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Written By Gary Fletcher

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pasUNITY is proud to announce our brand new partner program!

What Is It?
The pasUNITY Partner Program allows a partner organization to access pasUNITY licensed application in a variety of different models.  Partner organizations that want to build their own services environment can license pasUNITY products on a monthly basis.  These products can be installed in the partner environment or in some cases in the client environment to build a powerful, flexible, and highly customizable accounting-centric data integration and automation infrastructure.  Partners can deploy licensed products to the cloud, private network, or a hybrid of the two to build integrations with between their own products and those used by their customers or their partners.  Alternatively, partners that do not wish to lease the component but still want to make use of them can join our referral program.

Who Can Join?
Membership is by invitation only.  To be considered for membership you can contact pasUNITY @ with your relevant business and contact details.  pasUNITY is enthusiastically seeking vendors of accounting-centric products that serve the hospitality, gaming, non-profit, and related market sectors.

Why Should I Join?
The pasUNITY Partner network is designed to be a wholly symbiotic relationship.  Our partners are organization that need an easy to use, inexpensive, and powerful integrations platform.  pasUNITY is looking to expand its reach and capabilities by working with established industry presences that already have an accounting product in the marketplace.  We hope that by working with you we both can grow our respective businesses.  pasUNITY is about putting customer needs first.  That means we are looking for relationships built on trust, mutual respect for each other’s products, and devoid of exclusivity and other arrangements that only serve to hurt client capabilities and choice.

How Do I Join?
Upon completion and acceptance of a Business and Services Agreement and a Service Provider License Agreement you will be granted access to our partner portal where you will have access to the software and community that you need to successfully build and deploy solutions.

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