The Future of the Finance Function

Written By Bill Euler

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CFOs often underestimate the importance of process automation and integration.
The evolution of the Modern Finance Function is underway and CFOs are facing a new set of priorities as their role is changing.  According to a recently published report “The Future of the Finance Function” by FSN, the first five priorities of CFOs are as follows:
  1. providing strategic advice to the board
  2. business partnering
  3. reporting more quickly and accurately to internal stakeholders
  4. standardization
  5. automation of core financial processes
Interestingly, it was pointed out that making the best use of automation (#5) was the key to delivering on all the other priorities. Automation is the conduit to eliminating error prone manual entry, spreadsheet reconciliations and manual uploads. 
pasUNITY provides an effective low cost integration technology that can easily connect all of your finance auxiliary systems (PMS, POS, Labor, Payroll, Bank, Credit Card…) automating the capture, transformation, loading, audit and quality of data that populates both your ledger and reporting systems.  As such, data capture is faster and more accurate which frees up valuable staff time to attend to other priorities. 
You can read more about the components in the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite here and you can contact us @ for more information.

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