psaTransfer Integrates with BirchStreet Procure-to-Pay

Written By Christine Jones

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UPDATE: Last modified on 5/10/2017 9:47:50 AM

We have written several connections to inteface with BirchStreet.  BirchStreet automates the business and operational process called Procure-to-Pay.  pasUnity has worked with BirchStreet to provide interfaces that work with their products such as eProcurement, AP 3-Way Auto-Match and Reporting and Analysis including checkbook which is a declining balance by expense line based on budget or forecast with issued PO's applied against each line.

The following connections are now available to interface with these products:

BirchStreet Voucher - Source
BirchStreet SP Invoice Payment Interface - Destination
BirchSteet Vender Delimited File - Destination
BirchStreet Budget Delimited File - Destination

Using the connections above we interface with Accounting Systems to extract the data needed to generate  destinations files.  We also create interfaces with Accounting Systems to import invoices into accounting systems.

For the destination files that we provide to BirchStreet, we provide a complete solutions from extraction of the needed data to delivery of the BirchStreet Destination file

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