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Written By Jennifer Gatling

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The pasTransfer ETL tool has the ability to consume a wide variety of data sources from the Opera application suite using a variety of custom sources located in the Ledger Wizard.  This data can then be easily transformed, aggregated, mapped, and exported to a wide range of destination systems (including back office ledger and BI tools).
We commonly integrate with the following types of Opera reports:
  • Trial Balance
  • Market Segment
  • Manager Report
  • AR Aging Summary
Typical integrations use some permutation of the above reports.
There are many benefits associated using pasTransfer to integrate with Opera but here are some of our biggest benefits:
  1. Saves Time! One of the biggest benefits with this integration is the time saved from daily data entry tasks.Timely journal entry preparation is completely eliminated.Instead of manually entering the data from the daily reports, our integration extracts the data from the reports and makes it available for upload to destination systems.
  2. Fully Automated! With the use of our pasTransfer application a lot of the manual day to day operations become fully automated. For example, suppose you want to take the data from one of the daily Opera reports such as the Trial Balance and input this data into another destination ledger system. pasTransfer has the ability to take the data from the source report, manipulate/transform the data so that it is readable by the destination system, and send this data straight to the destination system within minutes!
  3. Mapping! As expected, there may be account codes used in your Opera reports such as transaction codes from the Trial Balance or stat codes from the Manager Report that aren’t valid account codes in your destination system. With the use of our pasPortal/Excel mapping options, you can use a sheet to map each source account code in the report to a valid account code in the destination system so that it posts correctly.  
How it Works & What to Expect
pasTransfer works directly in conjunction with other products in the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite to fully automate the Opera integrations. There are many options as to how the report gets exported from Opera and processed by pasTransfer. One common method used with the Opera integration is the built in email scheduling system that Opera offers. This feature allows for specific Opera reports to be automatically sent out to through email on a daily schedule. Our pasUnity application offers email functionality where we can intercept the Opera report attachments from the email, upload the reports to a shared data matrix that you can view, and process the reports to the destination system. There are other delivery options available such as a direct upload to the matrix or even dropping the Opera reports in a specific folder on the server for processing. We also provide an audit trail that shows exactly what data was processed in the destination system which is useful for compliance purposes.

In closing, integrating with Opera can be extremely useful to any company (regardless of size) who deal with report/data generation for multiple properties on a daily basis. pasTransfer can help to improve both time and efficiency on normal reporting related Opera tasks.

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