pasTransfer Integrates with Choice Advantage

Written By Anna Schubert

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pasTransfer Integrates with Choice Advantage
The pasTransfer ETL tool has the ability to consume a wide variety of data sources from the Choice Advantage application suite using a variety of custom sources located in the Ledger Wizard.  This data can then be easily transformed, aggregated, mapped, and exported to a wide range of destination systems (including back office ledger and BI tools).
These are the reports we can use as sources:
  • Hotel Journal Summary
  • Hotel Statistics
  • Revenue by Track Code
  • Ledger Activity Report
  • Rate Code Summary
  • Aging Report
You can use pasTransfer for one or more of the reports above, depending on your needs.
On a typical Choice Advantage install, night audit will manually upload the reports after the day is closed, to a shared data matrix that you can view.  From now on, the process is automated using the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite, the pasTransfer ETL tool will extract the data from the files, transform the data including mapping from source code to destination codes and load the data to the destination system or create a file that can be delivered to the destination system for upload.
The pasTransfer ETL integration with Choice Advantage will save you time and effort by exporting the data directly to your destination. Here is how:
  • We can receive your reports via email, FTP upload, folder watcher (where you just drop the report in a folder) or regular matrix upload, whichever is convenient for you and your company.
  • We use a pasPortal/Excel mapping option to map the Choice Advantage codes to your chart of accounts, making it easier to convert Choice Advantage statistics and transaction codes to your regular accounts.
  • The pasTransfer ETL tool is fully automated; it will extract the data from your Choice Advantage reports, manipulate the data so that it is in a readable format, and then post to the destination system for processing in minutes.
  • The pasTransfer ETL tool also creates an audit trail, with details of the processed data, which is very useful for compliance.
  • < >he pasTransfer ETL has an easy error handling report system that can send out success and/or failure notifications, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot and fix any error from your source reports.
This integration is extremely useful for companies of any size that need to collect and process daily data from Choice Advantage PMS Systems.
By using this fully automated pasTransfer integration with Choice Advantage, you will improve both time and efficiency on normal PMS reporting related tasks.

2021-06-24 21:11:32
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