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New pasTransfer Connection developed for Fintech payment and invoice files.
pasUNITY has developed two new source connections to work with the files produced by Fintech’s Payment and Invoice Management System:
  • Fintech EFT Invoice Summary – Invoice Payment details.  Used to record the payments of the invoices by creating a balanced journal entry crediting cash (Account identified through mapping) and debiting vendor accounts.
  • Fintech Invoice Received Detail – Invoice Details.  Used to record accounts payable by creating a balanced journal entry crediting the vendor accounts and debiting the invoice detail account such as expenses and inventory
Who is Fintech?  Fintech is a company that services the hospitality industry by streamlining the purchase of alcoholic beverages.  Fintech handles all aspects of ordering alcoholic beverages right down to the receipt and payment of invoices.

It’s very convenient to have a third party handle some of your purchasing needs however this information still needs to get into your accounting system.  pasUNITY has solved this issue for you.  We worked with Fintech consultants to identify standard invoice and payment output files.  The information included in these files would normally need to be manually entered into the back office system.  pasUNITY has streamlined this process by developing sources in our pasTransfer ETL tool to extract, transform and load to the back office system.  A source connection is custom application logic that encapsulates the connectivity and business logic for extracting data from a source system in a way that makes it transparent to typical user.  pasTransfer parses the data from the source and puts it in a generic format that can then be used by our destination connections to load to a destination.  We have developed multiple destination connections to various systems.  In addition, we have also developed universal Excel, Text, XML, ODBC, OLEDB, and SQL Server connections that can be used against a wide number of soures.  pasTransfer Source and Destination Configurations are defined and saved in pasTransfer and are used over and over to process the source data received translating into one-time setup which saves time and money.

pasTransfer is used in conjunction with other products in the pasUNITY Enterprise Suite to fully automate the receipt and posting of data from source to destination system.

Delivery Methods – Fintech files can be received for processing either through upload to an FTP site (this would be an automated process from Fintech) or through direct upload by users to the portal.  Files uploaded to an FTP can be automatically downloaded using pasUnity automation.  This solution would provide a completely hands free solution.

Auditing and Tracking – pasTransfer provides complete audits of the data processing from source to destination.  The portal allows the end user to view the source files and see complete processing logs.  Failure and success notification is also available allowing users to be notified upon successful processing of a file or failure with error messages.

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