The logon module allows an unauthenticated user (known as an anonymous user) to authenticate with the system and establish an identity context.


While some content may be available to anonymous users it is usually necessary to authenticate with the system prior to performing work of any significance.


Logging On


Any established user account with a valid email address and password can logon by clicking the  logon button from the portal navigation menu. 


From here the user has two options of authentication depending on how your organization is configured.


The first to supply the email address and password and press the Logon button.  Optionally, the user can choose the Remember Me option which will write a device-specific authentication cookie to their browser and allow automatic logon the next time the user visits the site.  This cookie will remain until such time as the user clears the cookie cache from their browser.  It is not recommended to use this feature if logging on from a public or shared device.


The second authentication option is to perform a claims-based Single Sign On authentication operation in which the user authenticates against a local directory system and through a trust relationship with the portal security framework identity is established.  This option is only available to those customers that have been previously configured as detailed in the authentication and authorization topic.


Signing Up


If you do not have an account already there are a number of ways to establish one.  In some cases, you may be required to request access from an administrator in your organization who will provision your account and send you an activation email.  In rare cases you may be allowed to sign on using the Single Sign On procedures described above which will automatically provision your account if your organization has this feature enabled.


Password Reset


If you forget your password, you can use the Forgot Password button to initiate a process to reset your account credentials by entering your registered account email address and pressing Send Password.  The system will send you an activation email with a temporary password.  You will be forced to change your password again upon logon.  If you do not receive your activation email, ensure that the address portal@pasportal.com is added to your safe senders list.


Account Activation


After an administrative user provisions your account for you will receive an email from with a link to activate and an activation code.  If you do not receive your activation email ensure that the address portal@pasportal.com is added to your safe senders list and request that a reminder email be sent.  To activate you can either click the activation link in the email or if you are distrustful of such things (as you should be) you can copy the activation code out of the email and enter it directly in the account activation page and press Activate Now to enable the account.  The Password Manager will open prompting you to provide a new set of credentials for the account.  You may then logon to the system and open the Profile Editor to update your account details.


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