How pasControl works





pasControl works by automating the user's default web browser and Remote Desktop Client software to create a user-friendly environment that allows them to work quickly and efficiently without losing track of where they are and what they are doing.


To begin a user installs the pasControl application and its prerequisites on a host. Installation is a simple process that can be completed in mere seconds.


Now each end-user uses the graphical user interface to configure program settings.  Begin by creating DNS or NETBIOS host entries for each system that they wish to connect to using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or monitor using ICMP Ping.  Now create account entries for RDP hosts using UPN (user-principal name) or distinguished name notation and passwords.  Add a URL to the favorites collection for resources accessed using common TCP/IP URI based protocols.  Finally, create specific connections to hosts and configure them with desired connection options. 


For a more detailed walk-through consult the Guided Tour.


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