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Domain Name System is the hierarchical naming system used to assign easily remembered names to complex IPv4 and IPv6 address numbers which are often expressed numerically.





An exception is a condition that occurs in the operation of pasControl or the execution of jobs in which either an unexpected or undesirable event has occurred.




GUI (or UI) is an acronym for Graphical User Interface and refers to any application component which draws a Window or interacts with a user visually.




ICMP is an acronym for Internet Control Message Protocol and Ping is a test utility that is used to determine the reachability of a host.




NetBIOS is an acronym for Network Basic Input/Output System and refers to the application programming interface (API) often used in conjunction with the TCP/IP protocol to locate and communicate with nodes on what is usually a local area network.  NetBIOS names are limited to 15 characters.




Remote Desktop Control is the client component that displays sessions from remote Microsoft Terminal Server and Microsoft Remote Desktop servers.




Remote Desktop Protocol is the protocol used by Microsoft Terminal Server and Microsoft Remote Desktop services to allow clients to interact with remote sessions.




TCP is an acronym for Transmission Control Protocol and refers to one of the core protocols of the TCP/IP protocol suite which defines how communication occurs over the Internet.




UPN is an acronym for User Principal Name and refers to the Internet-style login name similar (if not identical) to an email address in form.




A URL/URI is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locater/Indicator and is a string of characters that provides minimally a schema and a hostname.  The full syntax of a URL appears below.  A simple example would be but this only one example.





WCF is an acronym for Windows Communication Foundation and is a set of technologies used for hosting extensible markup language (XML) based services on Windows-based operating systems.


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