Command Line





The pasControl application can be launched interactively or from the command line when maintenance operations need to be performed.

When launched from the command line the application has the following syntax:

pasControl.exe [-? | [ -Backup | -Compact | -Repair | -Reset | -Restore | -Verify ] ]

? - displays the command line syntax to the end user

Backup - creates a backup copy of the pasControl configuration database for the current user

Compact - reclaims space from deleted items and removes free space from the current user's database file

Repair - attempts to recover a damaged database for the current user - some data loss may occur

Reset - wipes out all configuration options for the current user and resets the application to default settings

Restore - restores pasControl database information from the last known good backup file (if present)

Verify - verifies the integrity of the current user's configuration database


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